Discover the things your Ritevibe can do

The right size

Ritevibe lightbox is exactly the right size to fit where you want it to.

It’s compact enough for your shelf or desk. It’s big enough to be readable from across the room. Measures 30 x 15 centimeters (approx 12 x 6 inches).

Conversation Starter

Ritevibe is your conversation starter.

Put it up, turn it on, display it proudly. Friends will ask what’s this about. Pitch them your business, share your challenges, see where it takes you.

Made with care

You don’t need another problem over your head. Every Ritevibe lightbox is handmade and inspected for defects. It’s tested in the configuration that you will receive to spot any quirks in custom work.

Environmentally friendly

You can rest assured that every Ritevibe lightbox is created with effectiveness and environment in mind. The light comes from a high quality LEDs. No batteries used means longer life, less waste and virtually non-existent running expenses.

Suits your space

Put it anywhere you want. Its classic black outside, pure white glow and minimalist shape will fit any interior.

More than motivation

What you get is more than motivation. Ritevibe will start you conversations. Ritevibe will light your room.

Results or your money back

2 year warranty & no questions asked returns for 2 months. Zero risk. All the drive and motivation.

Always the right message

Write your words. Make your logo glow. Insert a photo of the Lamborghini you’re working for. On your own, in 9 seconds.